Thursday, July 10, 2008

My, but the Iranians love Photoshop.

First, Iranian stringers Hezbollah had a hand in the Reuters fake photo scandal.

Then, Iranian state-run news agency PressTV presented a photoshopped protest sign as the genuine article.

And now, Iran is photoshopping images of their missile tests of the past few days.

I think this is hilarious. It's grim that the Iranians are threatening Israel and American interests with missile tests, of course, but that they feel the need to alter images of their tests for whatever reason is just funny. Do they think that Photoshopping a double of the missile will make a missile defense system miss or something? Because I can't find a practical purpose for altering the pictures in such a way, especially for such a bad job of it. (The editor could have at least sourced the duplicate smoke cloud from a different frame so it didn't look exactly the same.)

And that's about all there is to say. The more aggressively Iran behaves, the more likely they make it that Israel or the Unites States might attack. I suppose they're having difficulty figuring that out.

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